cook-county-property-tax-appealDo you have a feeling you paying too much property tax? If so, know you are not alone since up to 60% of the total property taxes in the U.S were found to be more than the acceptable level, according to the National Taxpayers Union. Luckily, you can apply for a property tax appeal if you live in Cook county and there is a high likelihood you will win.

Therefore, here is the process in Cook county during property tax appeal.

Learn how the local government assesses your property 

You must first comprehend how the assessment process happens before filing an appeal. Therefore, you need to do comprehensive research to understand the types of taxes in your locality, the frequency of the assessments, how to determine a home’s market value, and how to calculate property taxes.

All this information you can easily access if your local tax elevator has a website. If they do not, give them a call, and you will be taken through the process.

Scrutinize your tax assessment for mistakes 

You need to have a copy of your present tax assessment which you can get either at your tax appraiser’s office or your property card online. Once you get the card, slowly go through it to check for any errors confirming that the lot size, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, square footage and other recorded details are accurate. It is crucial to ensure all errors are fixed as this information is used in determining your home’s fair value.

Gather your evidence 

If you want to be successful in your Cook county property tax appeal due to a fault on your property card, first collect all the relevant documents to prove this error. This document may either be a copy of your property survey or your house’s blueprint. If the appeal is because your property assessment is higher than in comparison to other similar properties, gather the tax cards and sales records of a minimum of five houses in your locality which have been sold over the past twelve months.

cook-county-property-tax-courtFurthermore, if something about your house or its location is undesirable, you should file an appeal for a reduced property tax. Consequently, show proof of this such as your property being located near a heavily congested region, railroad tracks or the airport or a terrible layout. Your Cook County property tax appeal might go through if you ascertain any of these facts.

Take a look at your neighbors’ property cards 

Request for copies of your neighbors’ property cards which are all the public record and the then compare your tax assessment to theirs. Moreover, you must compare to property similar to yours; for instance, the same lot size, an equal number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the same upkeep level. By doing this, you will be better placed to determine whether or not your assessment is fair in before making a Cook County property tax appeal.

Learn how the appeal process works 

Get in touch with the tax assessor to understand how appeal processes usually work if you feel that your research shows some discrepancies or errors which you could use to reduce your assessment. Consequently, you will be required to file a formal appeal or an informal appointment depending on the tax assessor’s office decision. Regardless of the route you take, you must know what forms and evidence are necessary while submitting your appeal.

Submit your appeal 

Go through the appeal form to ensure all the details are filled accurately plus you have all the necessary documentation. Consequently, make a copy of all these records before sending the appeal which will usually take several months you get any reply, so you need to remain patient.

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